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  • Beautiful ceramic pet memory jar can hold ashes and/or keepsake items. The white urn with gray accent details will fit perfectly with your home décor. The front includes the special phrase “you left pawprints on my heart” including a little gray pawprint above. It’s small enough to fit on any shelf, tabletop, or desk area
  • This urn includes a tight sealed wooden lid, ensuring the top will close tightly and not open. Once your pet goes onto the rainbow bridge, place your pets’ ashes inside a bag and then place inside the urn. The lid opens and closes easily ensuring the ashes won’t spill
  • Product dimensions: 4. 25” W x 5. 5” H x 4. 25” D
  • This keepsake memory jar can be used as an urn to forever cherish your cat or dog. It’s large enough to fit the ashes of a small to medium dog and all cats. Simply place the ashes inside a bag and place inside the jar